‘Who are Biffy Clyro?’, is a question no Forest Fire member ever uttered. It’s fair enough to have major influences evidently present on a record. However, the key word is INFLUENCES. Plural.

Animatronics is a shrine to Biffy. Or that drunk shirtless guy screaming ‘Mon the Biff!’ at T in the Park despite the band’s lack of presence.

No matter, it could be worse. There aren’t any Sean Paul impressions.

Animatronics is the second EP from this Aberdeen quartet, who are actually doing pretty swell. Praise from Vic Galloway himself and some Radio 1 DJ. Clearly doing something right.

Sinking Ship is the stand out track. A touch, thank God, of Matt Bellamy in the vocals and solo department and a riff that isn’t messing about.

Hitting the five minute mark, Patterns unashamedly progs out. A.D.D is the musical personification of the disorder every child on Supernanny is diagnosed with.

Not a bad EP by any means, just a tad uninspired. Although, they are giving the people what they want. Maybe in a few years the shirtless drunk guy will have FF tattooed on his forehead. Not for Foo Fighters. For Forest Fires.


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